Sailor KUET IV 2023: An exhilarating inter-university debate championship

Sailor KUET IV 2023, an exhilarating inter-university debate championship, has come to and end. The event unfolded at Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET) from 29-30 October, reads a KUET press release. According to the press release, Sailor has a rich legacy of crafting fashion that inspires creativity and expression. Sailor KUET IV 2023 was a battleground of disputes where 48 teams from more than 30 universities engaged in debates, igniting the flames of intellectual discourse. This event was organized by KUET Debating Society (KDS), an esteemed club of KUET that is working for a better tomorrow for more than two decades. KDS has been successfully organising this flagship event for years. This year the goal was to make this event bigger and better and engage the youth that will work toward building a better tomorrow. The championship followed the British Parliamentary Debate format, and challenged participants to explore diverse topics, from international relationships to ethical concerns. These debates were not just contests of words but platforms for the development of critical thinking skills, eloquence, and persuasive abilities. Sailor's sponsorship of Sailor KUET IV 2023 underscored the brand's dedication to fostering the young generation. The press release states that Sailor KUET IV 2023 was not just about debates; it was a celebration of intellectual growth and a fusion of diverse cultures. Participants from various universities came together, not only to compete but to learn from one another. The Grand Finale was featured in the closing ceremony where the chief guest was Prof. Dr. Mihir Ranjan Halder, Vice-Chancellor of Khulna University of Engineering and Technology. Astonishingly, the champion team is from home. KUET ODdoito emerged victorious in this final by showcasing an amazing performance. Notably, all three of the other finalists in the competition hailed from the same institution, BUP (Bangladesh University of Professionals), and the runner-up of this event is BUP C.

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